Pay tribute to Woods! The record may be rewritten, but the legend will never stop.

Pay tribute to Woods! The record may be rewritten, but the legend will never stop.

Pay tribute to Woods! The record may be rewritten, but the legend will never stop.

After pushing the winning bird in the ZOZO Championship in Japan, Woods smiled and took a hand to meet another great moment in his career – the PGA Tour 82 wins.

The weather at the Xizhiye Country Club on Monday morning was very cool. Woods was in trouble when he went out – he swallowed bogey on the 12th hole in the most difficult game. Behind the scene, Matsuyama Hideki is chasing after him, and the Tiger’s lead is only two shots.

No one can think of it, Woods will hit the PGA Tour 82 this week – this record, created by legendary Sam Slyder in 1936-1965.

Schlidt was 52 when he completed the feat, and Woods is now 43 years old, and Woods used 70 games less than his predecessors.

At the end of August, Woods had just performed a fifth knee surgery. Japan’s ZOZO Championship is the first game after his comeback. Everyone thought that the tiger just used this game to find the status.

The Japanese game this week is not always smooth. The second round of the game was postponed for one day due to the heavy rain, so it will witness another historical moment of Woods on Monday morning.

In the past, the Asian season has been Woods’ gold rush, but now he is used to refresh the record.

How to evaluate Woods’s US Tour 82 win? Among the active players, the most popular PGA Tour champions are Phil Mickelson, 44 games, only half of Woods’s.

From the Touring Tournament in 2018, to the American Masters in April this year, to today’s ZOZO Championship, Woods has changed his PGA Tour winning game from 79 to 82.

“Woods is old, there is nothing to watch. The meaning of his existence is mostly a symbol or symbol.” A few days ago, in a fan group, some people commented on him.

Yes, from the age point of view, Woods, who is 44 years old, will not be younger in December, but in this morning, whether you are like me, still get up early with excitement, waiting for that moment.

The 54-hole lead is three shots. In the past 25 such opportunities, Woods won 24 times. There are only seven holes left this time, and everyone can’t wait.

On the 16th hole, Matsuyama Hideki catches the bird again, and he still maintains pressure on Woods. Just like the past 81 victories, no one has just won easily.

From 1996 to 2019, from the first championship to the 82nd championship, Woods has not won enough.

Two years ago, I experienced severe low back injuries and a long post-operative recovery process. Even Woods himself did not know if he could walk like a normal person, let alone play.

The great thing about Woods in the sports field is that he has repeatedly made a jaw-dropping good ball on the impossible position on the court. He dragged a wounded leg to win the Grand Slam championship, and he even beat the injury again and again. Demonstrate the legendary story of the return of the Jedi.

As early as more than a decade ago, Woods proved that he was one of the greatest golfers in history, and now he may have to delete the word “one”.

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