HSBC Champion Mcilroy Leads A Strong Lineup

HSBC Champion Mcilroy Leads A Strong Lineup

HSBC Champion Mcilroy Leads A Strong Lineup

The last World Golf Tournament of the Year: The HSBC Champion, with a total prize of $10.25 million, will officially start at the Shanghai Sheshan International Golf Club on Thursday. Zander-Xeofele will strive to defend the most important victory of his career.

World No. 2 McIlroy, Olympic gold medalist Jas-Ross will set off with him (10:50, hole 10), and two world-class players want to take the old Tom Morris Cup from the American New Star. . Don’t forget the Chinese army led by Li Wutong, especially since they have had very good performances in the local area.

Twelve months ago, Zander-Shea Fowler caught the bird in the last two holes and then defeated Tony Finau, also from the United States, in the playoffs, for the first time on the podium of the World Golf Championship. The special place for this victory is his connection with the mainland. Because of his mother’s relationship, he has some Chinese blood.

Zander-Xiefele said: “It is very obvious that because of family relations, this victory must be very special. My mother is from Taipei, and I have relatives throughout Asia. I can say that this is the biggest victory in my career. My self-confidence is a big boost, and I am more confident that I belong to the highest stage.”

Before the event, the American guy was sick and his voice was a bit dumb. On the one hand, he joked that it had no effect on his strength. On the other hand, he also thanked Dad and Mom for coming with him this week, and they could get more care. You can concentrate on defending this championship.

Justin Rose is definitely looking forward to the end of the game, and Zande Sheffield again. As the 2017 champion, he set off with Zander-Xuofele last Sunday, but it was a long way from the playoffs, but a champion added a third place and he is looking forward to holding the trophy again this year.

“I haven’t finished yet, but the caddie has gone down a lap. We drove through the ninth and 18th holes. The course may be the best I have ever seen. It is definitely a good test.” Justin – Ross said, “I can’t wait to compete with Zander in the same group. Obviously, there is McIlroy. This should be a very good week.”

Although McIlroy has never won in Lushan, he has entered the top five four times. More importantly, he won three games this year, eventually winning the FedEx Cup and being selected as the PGA Tour of the Year. Player. His ZOZO tournament in Japan won the 17th top ten of the season. Before that, he had some dialogue with Brooks-Coppka, which definitely inspired him to regain the world’s first title.

“At the beginning of this year, I may be in the eighth or ninth place. I am very happy that I have made great progress and returned to the second place in the world,” McIlroy said. “I think I may not be able to chase at the end of the year.” I am the best in the world, but if I play well in the next few games, you know, it will definitely lay a good foundation for next year.”

“This year I achieved most of the goals I want to achieve. I am very satisfied with the current situation. But I hope that I can end up strong because I feel that I should have a strong ending this year.”

In the past two Asian Tour of Asia, local players have brought great challenges to international players, including the HJ Cup, Korean Li Zhenming made trouble for Justin-Thomas, and South Korean An Bingxun tied for sixth. At the ZOZO Championship, Woods won the championship on the road to the Japanese star Matsuyama Hideki.

Li Wutong, ranked 59th in the world, has the best record of Chinese players in the World Championships: tied for seventh in 2015. He believes that Chinese players have the opportunity to make a good performance for local fans here.

“I feel that everyone has a chance this week, especially in such a small lineup. If you play well, you will have a chance to win the championship. I hope that every player in our country can play well this week and strive to achieve their best results. “Don’t have low-level mistakes.” Li Wutong said, “Of course I hope I can have a breakthrough. In the world rankings, I hope that there will be a good improvement in the results.”

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